Thursday, November 6, 2008

husband tag!

thanks to kelli for the fun tag.

1. Full name: Andrew Zepherin West
2. How long have you been married?: 10 years
3. How long did we date? just shy of 3 months!
4. Who eats the sweets? shocker, I do! not that andy is above sugar, he just has more refined taste than i do. mostly i don't care what ice cream or chocolate i have, i'll eat it. but andy prefers Hagen Daaz ice cream and good, european chocolate.
5. Who said I love you first? I actually can't remember! Sad, but true, sshh-don't tell andy!
6. Who is taller? andy. he is 6' even and i am 5'7".
7. Who sings better? i think we're pretty equal. i haven't had a lot of practice for years, but i used to be pretty good. not great, nothing to brag about, but decent. andy does have a decent voice as well, he just doesn't use it a lot.
8. Who is smarter? who knows. andy reads a lot and knows tons about everything. i have a lot of common sense but i guess with book smarts i'd have to give props to andy!
9. Who does the laundry? need you even ask? me, me, me. andy does pitch in when i need him to, but i prefer to have my close fit when they are clean!
10. Who pays the bills? andy. he likes knowing it all and i like not having to deal with it!
11. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? i guess that depends on how you look at the bed... but what it really comes down to is that i am always right so i must be the one who sleeps on the right side!
12. Who mows the lawn? andy. i like the traditional roles. although mowing is kind of fun so occasionally i can step in, kind of like the laundry question...
13. Who drives? usually andy. for years it was only andy. if i had to pick him up on the side of the road i would still get out and have him drive. it goes back to when we were first married. he would tell me how to drive, so one day i pulled the car over and said that he could drive forever, because he obviously knew how to do it better than me! (stubborn me?!)
14. Who admits they are wrong? refer to the last question... stubborn me!
15. Who kissed who first? i'm pretty sure it just happened. besides, doesn't it take 2 to kiss? yep!
16. Who asked out who first? andy asked me out. of course if you know andy then this might surprise you. i had no idea he was so quiet for many weeks!
17. Who wears the pants? i guess andy does. though, if i don't get my way he's in for a good depantsing!

that was fun and so now i pass along the fun to Jacob & Leahona, Amber, Jenn Gifford. enjoy!

i'm the luckiest girl in the world

i just wanted to let you all know that andy is amazing! i know, i'm bragging about my husband, but what's a girl to do? i have the greatest husband in the world! lately he has been running around like crazy working all day, and then going out to our new house and working late to finish building it! i don't know how his has this kind of energy or stamina. on top of it all he takes time with the boys, includes them in his projects and supports me in all my craziness. it doesn't get any better than that. a righteous, supportive, hardworking talented husband and father... i love you andy!

Monday, November 3, 2008

what do you think?

we are getting very close to being in our house. we will move in with all the basics done, but not having finished everything, like the decorating and finishing work. some say we are crazy because once we move in the rest won't get finished. i used to think this myself. but we have one major thing ensuring the house gets all those finishing touches. the boys don't get to build their garage/workshop until the house is 100%! so, i am pretty confident that things will get done. plus, we are coming up on winter, there is plenty of 'down time' in winter to finish projects. i had grand dreams of moving into a beautiful house, ready to fully place all of our things just where they should go. the walls painted lovely shades and the built ins ready for storage. i guess a girl can't have it all. at least we will be in.

i have had months to envision how i would decorate things. i have cut out magazine clippings of ideas and hunted online for the perfect look. the reality is that my home will never look like a pottery barn add. but, i can make it mine, with my touch, my feel. now the issue comes in when husbands can't let go. andy has always been good about letting me do the decorating and liking the outcome. this time it is more difficult for him. i guess the house is a little like his baby. he thought he could let go and be done when the building is complete. but we are finding this a little hard for him. i found out this weekend that he has plans of putting a space mural in the boys room. okay, this could be cool, but it wasn't what i was envisioning. then as i have gotten closer to finalizing my thoughts for the bedroom, i learn that he thinks it won't be comfortable for him. i think he forgets that he has doubted my vision before, but what always happens in the end? he loves it! it may be time for a sit down talk about how he built the house and now i get to finish my part. that is what i can do for this house. i may not be able to climb on the roof wielding my tool belt, complete with 20 pounds of tools and nails, but i have a love for decorating. (with or without the budget i may hope for).

so, this is where you come in. i know that i'll get about 4 responses from those of you kind enough to care about my life enough to follow my blog. but i want to know which way you vote for my bedroom. i am including 2 pictures that give the overall feel of my idea vs. andy's idea. which do you like? keep in mind that obviously the actual room will turn out different than the pictures i could find, but just go with me on this one. what do you think?
one difference in the above picture is that the walls would be a robins egg blue color!