Friday, January 23, 2009


i really love the smell of new crayons. this week i came to a sad realization. ethan had homework to color and eli had a new coloring book that we were working in. we couldn't find a red crayon anywhere. we had that strawberry red and the orange red colors, but not a true red. the boys were also complaining because somehow most of the crayons were no longer than an inch. it then dawned on me that these were all the crayons we had in the house!
for shame!

once, a few years ago i happened to come across an overstock of crayons on some website. each box of crayola crayons was just 9 cents! (for a box of 24) i ordered something like 20 boxes. even with shipping it was less than $5.00. that was awesome. i love it when stuff like that comes along. this time i couldn't find anything close to that. everything i found was like boxes of 8 for over $2! NO way. so this morning i broke down and made a quick trip to wal-mart. eli and i happily bought a big box of 120 crayons. i opened them up before we even left the parking lot! they smelled so good! i said, "eli, smell this." he inhaled and replied, "i love it mom!" there is a boy after my own heart.
when we got home i taught him how to use a crayon sharpener to keep them sharp enough for good coloring. we sniffed them some more and are both happily coloring Mickey Mouse...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


we had a great christmas. complete with a gift card for Pottery Barn from my husband and a beautiful quilt from Amber. i was absolutely amazed. i knew that Am had been working on several quilts this year, and i enjoyed seeing all of them when i went to Utah in August. i had hoped to get something she had made, but i was so happy to get this quilt. it was actually my favorite of what i saw this summer! Yeah!

he weekend after christmas karen and jen and i went to NYC. we went to see a broadway show and window shop. we went into Tiffany's and the sales lady let us try on this beautiful 3k diamond! it was $227,000! i figured that meant i could either have a house or a ring.... ethan told me to go for the ring, i deserved it! very sweet. the broadway show we decided to see was called "Boeing, Boeing". it starred several well known actors/actresses. it was so funny and a total blast! we are considering starting a birthday tradition...

he boys have been sledding, sledding and sledding. everyday they have gone out for several hours, just enjoying the fun! at one point our sleds were buried and ethan and eli discovered a new place to sled that they didn't need sleds for... what good is the roof of the shed, if not for sledding?

karen and i are busy trying to decide on paint colors and for our living room and kitchen walls. i am getting anxious for a little order in the basement, for now i just avoid it as much as possible. so, that is life for the past two months in a nutshell. maybe now i can keep up with blogging again, yours and mine! we'll see.