Monday, April 13, 2009

jelly beans

so who knew that jelly beans could taste so good? i have had jelly belly jelly beans several times and of course like them. this easter eli really wanted jelly beans, it is actually about the only thing he talked about for easter. he didn't care if he got anything else during the easter egg hunt, but he would have been one sorely disappointed boy if he missed out on the jelly beans. he even announced in primary that easter was coming and easter means jelly beans! as you can imagine, i didn't want him to be disappointed. i bought the good kind! the boys have been having so much fun sorting through the bowl of jelly beans and matching them up with the bag to find the good flavors! i sorted through and took out several buttered popcorn ones. have you had these? how do the do it? i mean really, how do you pack in enough flavor that an eraser sized candy really tastes like you are eating popcorn? i'm not sure how they do and i guess i don't care just as long as they keep doing it. yum!

last summer my niece kylee generously shared some jelly beans with me and my sisters. these were not just any jelly beans, these were the harry potter selection from jelly belly. it became almost a contest to see which one of us could gross out the other the most by being brave enough to eat the nastiest flavors. we actually tried things like green grass (tastes just like fresh cut grass), black pepper, boogers and dirt. they were amazingly real tasting! there were however flavors that none of us even dared to smell, let alone taste. thing like vomit, poop, ear wax, etc... nasty! but very funny. we had such a great time tasting and laughing. i never thought i would make memories with anyone while eating rotten egg and earthworms! you should give it a try... if you don't like them you can always wash out all those tastes with a soap flavored one!

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OUR CLAN said...

Well mindy, at the "amazing race Santaquin style", I was told, that one of the youth had to eat SKUNK flavor. Everyone complained all the rest of the night that his breath smelled like skunk and no one wanted to go near him. Poor kid. I think I would buy them just for the novelty, but I am sure that I would not be able to bring myself to eat some of them. Love you!!